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Holiday Snack Share

Holiday Snack Share

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The most perfect office sharing box full of delicious treats and drinks!

This box contains:

Sweet Brigadeiros handcrafted Brazilian truffles (best if consumed within 7-10 days)

The Bake Site hand painted chocolate bar

Annie’s Chocolates chocolate smoothies (mint and milk chocolate)

Wildly Delicious peppermint hot chocolate

Annie’s Chocolates white chocolate pretzels

O Joe Coffee Tea Superfood local roasted coffee 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate chocolate covered licorice

The Bake Site vanilla marshmallows (out of stock, substituted with 2 chocolate covered marshmallow sticks)

Vaka Gourmet seasonal chocolate bars (2)

CandyFix sugar cookie bites

Annie’s Chocolates white chocolate caramel corn

Handwritten personalized note