Client Appreciation

Building and retaining a loyal customer base is critical to any business - and showing appreciation for customers ensures that they speak highly of the services they received. Happy customers will rave about the excellent service to their friends and family, and on social media. 
Here at Giftii, we specialize in demonstrating that customers are indeed the most valuable asset to a business and we love to help you thank them with a thoughtful, high quality gift.
Customers of our current corporate clients are experiencing the Giftii effect - the genuine surprise, appreciation and awe when receiving delivery of a beautiful black gift box tied up with a satin ribbon. Inside they find wonderful, high quality items selected just for them.
What makes giving a Giftii so special?
- Ribbon can be tailored to the colour of the business/logo
- Items inside can be customized to any budget
- Many of the items inside are unique and handcrafted - not mass produced!
- Purchasing a Giftii supports many local and small businesses
After a sale, a referral or to recognize customer loyalty - a Giftii gift goes a long way toward demonstrating that your company is committed to creating and maintaining outstanding customer service.
If you are looking for a luxurious way to recognize your clients - contact us here at Giftii and we would be happy to customize the perfect gift!
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