Introducing Engraveables!

Introducing Engraveables!

When Giftii was launched in June of 2016, we began the company with the desire to help others give high quality, unique, beautiful, Canadian-made gifts - conveniently. We are so pleased that we have been able to help hundreds of people do this so far...and counting!

Our mission is to help you give a gift that is going to be memorable - from the beautiful box tied up with a soft satin bow, to the experience of slowly lifting up the lid in anticipation of the contents, to the moment of discovery of the carefully selected, high quality items inside - items that will be mainstay in the home and life of the recipient. We want your gift to them to be one that reminds them of you each time they see and use it. What better way to heighten this experience than to include a personalized wooden component - such as an engraved cutting board - in the gift.

Through a partnership with Project Carve (, we are able to offer custom engraving - with a very quick turnaround to ensure we are still able to offer the convenience of our service. Project Carve was established in 2017 as a division of Giftii and is operated by Katie's partner Andrew who has a strong design background and a passion for woodworking. We are able to engrave text, logos, pictures - just ask and we can likely engrave it!!

Be sure to check out of all of our boxes which include engraveable components:

We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift for that special person and occasion. We are always happy to customize a gift box - just email us at


Yours in gifting and engraving,

Katie and Andrew


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